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Differences Between the Mobile Crusher and Fixed Crusher

Feb 25,2017

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In recent years, mobile crushing station is the popular crushing equipment inthe mining market. Now let's make an analysis on the differences between the mobile crusher and fixed crusher.

Mobile Crusher

Firstly, in terms of the crusher structure, the mobile crushing station includes the fixed crusher. The mobile crushing station is a combined mobile crusher that is composed of crusher, screening equipment, conveyor equipment and other components. The flexible movement is the major feature of mobile crushing station. At the same time, according to the different needs of customers, the combination form of the mobile crushing station is personalized customization. The crusher can be chose independently; jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher are all available. What's more, relying on the different production and working environment, customers can choose mobile crushing station with different models and various movement forms, such as wheel mobile crushing station, crawler-type mobile crushing station, large-scale mobile crushing station and small mobile crushing station etc.

Certainly, the mobile crushing station owns lots of strengths. However, the fixed crusher also has its unique advantages. First of all, the price of crusher is cheaper than the mobile crushing station. If your stone factory can use local materials, it is not necessary to spend so much money buying a mobile crushing station. To buy a fixed crusher can save a lot of investment costs.

In short, understand the difference between mobile crushing station and the fixed crusher can help you choose more suitable crusher in the configuration of crushing equipment.

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