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Analysis on Common Faults and Causes of Cone Crusher

Mar 08,2017

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As the common stone crushing equipment, cone crusher has the high market occupancy nowadays. In order to make full use of the performance of cone crusher, it is necessary to understand the common failure of cone crusher and make a comprehensive cause analysis. The following is a summary of the common faults and causes of cone crusher.

Cone Crusher

The first fault is that the oil temperature of the cone crusher is too high. There are usually a few reasons for this failure. The low quality oil and the lack of oil content will cause the high oil temperature. Besides, the cone crusher bearing damage and serious friction will also lead to the oil high temperature.

The second fault of the cone crusher is that there is abnormal noise. The improper installation of the cone crusher causes that components of the cone crusher did not operate in accordance with the normal trajectory. The serious worn of the parts, the loose of the fasteners and the blockage of the cone crusher outlet will lead to the abnormal noise.

The third fault is that the dust keeper has a bad effect. Large amount of dust results in failure of the sealing system.

Understanding the cause of the cone crusher fault and the right medicine will relieve the con crusher faults effectively. The summary in the common operation process will make the failure a piece of cake.

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