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The Unique Advantages of Fote Mobile Crusher

Oct 20,2014

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Mobile crusher is the integration of feeding, conveying, iron removing, dust proof, crushing and conveying, which is mainly used in construction waste disposal, large mine, tunnel construction, environmental engineering and other engineering fields. It has the characteristics of compact structure and flexible usages. As a kind of host with impact load and bad working conditions, the power required by the engine and its mobile needs must work with the supporting feeding, conveying, iron removal, dust and other auxiliary equipment power. Then how to organically united and make the power consumption as low as possible? After development on the transmission scheme of Technology Department in our company, the electric transmission and engine have achieved a smooth start of the operation system. Fote mobile crusher has the following three unique advantages:

Mobile Crusher

1. Reduce the crushing cost. When the motor is installed on the mobile crusher, it has the industrial use of electricity in the region, and it can be driven by the motor pulley to complete the crushing work, so as to reduce the production cost.

2. Reduce the impact load fluctuation of engine and motor. The main crushing machine is connected by a hydraulic coupler and electric motor or diesel engine, because the hydraulic is coupling with liquid as the transmission medium, it has the functions of absorbing vibration. The adaptation of hydraulic transmission can achieve impact reduction and vibration isolation effect, which can effectively reduce the damage of impact load on the transmission mechanism, so as to improve the service life of the diesel engine and the electric motor.

3. Reduce the starting current of the motor. Between the motor and the belt wheel is connected with a coupling, and the original one will be directly driven by the motor in the starting of the machine, which can be changed into motor take coupling pump wheel with the turbo pump to start for the second time. It is similar to the no-load starting motor, because the motor can be started smoothly, so the starting current and starting time are reduced, at the same, the impact on the power grid will also be reduced without starting fault. After the starting of the motor, the pump wheel torque will increase gradually, when it is sufficient to overcome the resistance, the machine will be slowly started. The installation capacity of the crusher can be reduce, so as to reduce the impact on the power grid.

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