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How to Turn the Construction Waste into Money?

Aug 05,2017

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Construction waste is one of the inevitable outcomes of urbanization development, including muck, concrete blocks, broken stones, slurry and other waste produced in the process of demolition, repair and construction. With the economic, technology and urban development, the quantity of construction waste increases day by day, if not handled promptly, it will have serious impact on environment, society and so on. Experts believe that there are many potential and available elements in construction waste, as long as we use them reasonably, they will have inestimable economic and environmental value, become the recyclable green resources.

The economic value of construction waste

1.The debris, concrete and other wastes in the construction waste after crushing can be made into gravel aggregate in place of natural sand and reapplied to buildings;

2.After the waste bricks are crushed, they can be made into building boards, having the advantages of sound insulation and good waterproof effect, and the materials are simple to get and the cost is low;

3.The waste steel bars being picked out, can be recycled and reused, the economic benefits are significant.

The environmental protection value of construction waste

According to the survey,there are many countries in the world to treat construction waste without any processing, directly stack them in the open air or bury in the low-lying areas, so that not only causing the waste of resources, at the same time, taking serious pollution to the ecological environment. As long as being used reasonably, not only achieving the certain economic benefits but also can beautify the city and improve the environment. We should avoid piling up them long time to cause the release of harmful gas, to achieve more considerable environmental value.

The comprehensive utilization of FTM portable rock crusher for construction waste

In view of the useful resources utilization about the construction waste, FTM machinery engineers integrate their own experience with the advanced technical experience of Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries, design and manufacture the equipment specially for the integrated treatment of construction waste---portable rock crusher. The portable rock crusher integrated crushing and screening together, starting from the new design concept, can better meet customer's diversification, high quality, high yield, no pollution and other requirements, compared with the traditional crushing equipment, its advantage is particularly prominent:

portable rock crusher

1.Its overall performance is stable, having more than 15% equipment function, the capacity of unit time has a large increase in processing.

2.The crushing function of portable rock crusher is comprehensive, and it has a certain sorting and crushing effect on construction waste to ensure the processed materials more uniform.

3. Users can control the equipment accurately and operate it conveniently, and the portable rock crusher has big driving force and can save about 60% energy, the influence of the noise, dust and other pollutions are completely avoided in the process of production.

FTM designs the high-quality mobile crushers with cutting-edge technology and thirty-year manufacturing experience, making tremendous contributions for the environmental protection and application of urban construction waste, welcome your inquiry!

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