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Fault Analysis of Rotary Dryer

Feb 18,2017

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Rotary dryer belongs to large scale machine. Its failure not only affects the working efficiency but also causes high maintenance costs. Now Fote Machinery introduces the troubleshooting issues of dryer to you.

1. Dried material does not meet the moisture requirements.

2. Abnormal noise. The inner material blocking of dryer and fire inside the dryer caused by high temperature will result in the abnormal noise.

Rotary Dryer

3. The nonstandard dryer installation causes air leakage phenomenon. The low air pressure results in abnormal discharge of finished production.

4. The reason causing the gap destruction between the large gear and the pinion is the abrasion of wheel, catch wheel or pinion.

5. Materials ignition phenomenon. Small equipment but large amount of material will cause materials ignition phenomenon when you forcibly increase the temperature. There are other reasons of materials ignition phenomenon, such as wrong equipment design and improper equipment operation.

6. Material solidifies into groups, which causes the uneven wet degree of the finished material.

7. The bad equipment insulation results in serious fuel waste.

8. Small dryer, improper dryer operation and wrong flow calculation lead to the dissatisfaction of production capacity.

To sum up, we must pay special attention to dryer working condition. It is necessary to make timely repair to reduce the equipment failure rate and save more time for equipment normal running.

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