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How to Solve Dust and Sludge Pollution Problem of Sand Production Line?

Apr 08,2017

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With the impact of technology and equipment, the traditional sand production line is easy to produce dust pollution and sludge pollution problem. Under the pressure of environmental protection, the design of sand production line needs to focus on environmental protection and strictly follow the national and local environmental laws to reduce dust, noise and waste water pollution.

Sand Production Line

Firstly, dust collection measure will reduce pollution of the sand production line. Equip the dust collector with high dust collection efficiency and reliable technology in all dust emissions to guarantee that the dust emission concentration is less than 20mg / Nm³. Adopt closed stacks and spray dust for the storage of intermediate materials and soil waste to reduce the impact of dust on the surrounding environment.

Secondly, select the equipment with low noise or place the noise source equipment in a closed plant.

Thirdly, sand washing wastewater can be recycled and treated as production water after the treatment of waste water treatment system. The spent clay and sludge will be used for mine reclamation cushion to achieve the target of sludge and wastewater.

The design of a good production process and the layout design in advance can minimize the emissions of dust, noise, waste water.

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