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Superiorities of Mechanism Sand Produced by Sand Maker

Dec 27,2016

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As the important component of the concrete structure material, the sand plays a significant role on the high quality and the security of the whole construction project. In the premise of satisfying the usage sand performance metrics, we need choose an economic case that not only meets the need of high quality construction but also effectively controls the production costs. At the same time, we can make a research experiment on the construction materials subject to gather experience and lay foundation to the subject development. Compared with the natural sand, the mechanism sand produced by Fote machinery has its obvious advantages.

Sand Maker

1. In spite of its not perfect robustness comparing with the river sand, the mechanism sand has achieved the superior product indicator of the GB/ T 141684293 standard and doesn't have any questions on the usage of common concrete. When the mechanism sand is used in the concrete structure with frictional impact usual cement-sand, we need add the admixture and control the cement-sand ratio, sand crushing indicator and powder content.

2. According to the test of the cement, mortar and concrete, the concrete disposed with mechanism sand has no big difference with the natural sand. In general, the water usage of mechanism sand is bigger than the natural sand in the premise of the same slump. We need pay attention to the sand rate in the specific concrete in case of the reduction of concrete strength and durability.

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