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Cone Crusher Benefits Tailings Reclamation

Apr 28,2017

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Tailings are the products of the sorting operation in the beneficiation. With the development of infrastructure, gravel material is in short supply. In many industries, tailings are abandoned resources and waste to deal with. However, in other industries, tailings are treasures to be tapped. The primary equipment of the tailings reclamation is the cone crusher.

Cone Crusher

Cone crusher mainly consists of hydraulic cone crusher and spring cone crusher. Cone crusher has strengths of big feed particle size, wide adjustment rang of discharge opening, large crushing rate, uniform particle size and low power consumption. With the alternative lamination crushing way, the working efficiency of the cone crushing machine is 1.5 times higher than the traditional cone crusher. No noise and dust pollution completely solve the seriously polluted problem of the traditional crusher. Higher power saving ability of the cone crusher has reached the best production situation of the low carbon and environmental protection. Cone crusher is the most widely used crushing equipment for the medium and had ore. With the advanced technology of scientific treatment of tailings, the cone crusher had helped many customers dispose large amount of cumulate tailings. The disposed tailings are used to the production progress again and achieve the purpose of recycling.

It is difficult to dispose the tailings for its various size, hardness and properties. However, with the help of cone crusher, it is available to change the tailings to treasures.

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