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Brand Strategy Promotes the Transformation of Crusher Industry

Nov 08,2016

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The western development, the revitalization of the northeast old industry base and the further implementation of the rising strategy of central China have brought a huge market space to the mining equipment industry. In the meanwhile, along with the high-speed development of economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the mining machinery industry, as the indispensable part of economy and society, is also on a vigorous development. And the mining equipment manufacturing enterprises all start to speed up the research and development on new mining technologies and equipment and increase their input intensity.


As product supply is gradually greater than demand in crusher industry, the market competition is getting more and more severe. Most of the crusher enterprises in our country have given up the marketing strategy that relies on the low-end and low-cost products to occupy the market, and become to focus on gaining profits through the products and services which meet customers' needs. Now most of them are intending to attract and retain customers through unique product orientation and high product quality.

China is a big manufacturer of crusher machines. However, there are few manufacturers on the international market which deserve to be called famous brand. Our country's crusher products have won the market by virtue of price for so long, but with the brand notion getting deep into the machinery market, manufacturers begin to paid more attention to crusher's added value that is brought by its brand.

Compared with foreign enterprises, China's crusher industry is still lagging behind in brand building. But generally speaking, accompanied by a group of national brands of crushers with independent innovation awareness rising sharply, our country's crusher industry is going faster and faster on the way of brand construction. All in all, brand strategy promotes the transformation of crusher industry.

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