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Common Breakdown of Impact Crusher

Ja 14,2017

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Impact crusher is a new type of high-performance crusher based on the introduction of foreign advanced equipment model. Impact crusher has the advantages of unique structure, convenient operation, high efficiency, energy saving, cube shape of finished products, adjustable size and selective crushing. However, there will be common breakdown in the long time running process of impact crusher. According to our many years manufacture experience, Fote Machinery shares you some terms of settlement.

Impact Crusher

1. Abnormal Vibration

a. Check the feeding material size in case of the oversize material blocking;

b. Change the hammer of impact crusher to ensure the no abrasion of the hammer;

c. Adjust the rotor to a balanced statue;

d. Reinforce the foundation bolt.

2. Bearing Heating

a. Add oil to bearing in a proper oil level;

b. Change broken bearing in time;

c. Adjust bolt to a proper tightness.

3. Oversize of Finished Product

a. Replace worn hammer;

b. Adjust the gap between hammer and impact plate to 15-20mm;

c. Large feeding material size results in oversize of finished product.

4. Belt Inversion

a. Change the worn triangular belt;

b. Adjust the pulleys to the same plane;

c. Choose high quality triangular belt.

The above paper basically summarizes all aspects of crusher failure. Reasonable operation will guarantee the long impact service life and high production capacity.

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