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Causes and Measures for Strong Vibration of Impact Crusher

Mar 28,2014

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Impact crusher is the new and efficient crushing equipment, which has a large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large production capacity and other characteristics. During its processing, strong vibration of the crusher is a common problem. In order to reduce the impact of vibration, we need to analyze the reasons of the problem and take effective measures to deal with it.

Impact crusher


When it is working, strong vibration and noise will be caused, and the temperature of rotor bearing rises sharply, which contributes to the damage of bearing and the abnormal operations of the machine. Because the plate hammer often adopts casting, which has low precision and great quality difference. If counter measures are not taken during assembling, it will cause unbalanced quality of rotor. Due to the good quality and high rotating speed of rotor, the imbalance will cause strong polarization to make bearing temperature rise sharply even broken. It rarely appears during the processing of new machine, because the balance of new machine has been strictly corrected before leaving the factory. The situation mentioned above mainly results from improper replacement of plate hammer. Even though effective measures are taken and rotor can meet the requirements of the balance when the plate hammer are replaced, the wear will become uneven after a period of time, which can also lead to the unbalance of rotor and vibration of impact crusher.


The measure to avoid vibration is to keep the rotor balanced. If vibration is becoming stronger and stronger, we should stop to check the wear condition of plate hammer. If the wear doesn't reach the limit, it should be changed to other side or position in order to restore the balance of rotor. If the wear has reached the limit, it should be replaced. Certain measures should be taken for the balance of rotor. There are two methods of plate hammer replacement: all replacement method and partial replacement method. These two methods need to divide the plate hammer into groups according to their weight and error. All replacement method is using a set of new and similar hammers to replace all the old ones, which is a waste of resources and not economical. Part replacement method is using a set of new and similar hammers to replace part of the old ones. However, replace method should be paid attention to at this time. It needs cross dislocated replacement which cannot only prolong the life of the plate hammer, but also eliminate the unbalanced error.

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