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Some Problems Needing Attention When Welding Rotary Dryer

Dec 11,2015

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Fote Machinery has a long history in the production of drying equipment. The quality of drying equipment has a close relationship with welding. Therefore, welding may directly affect the quality of rotary dryer.

The drying equipment dehydrates materials by high temperature. Equipment sealing has an immediate relationship with its drying efficiency and energy consumption. But the dryer drum is more liable to cracking and desoldering because of high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosion. So we must do a good job of welding or repairing welding. No matter in the first welding or in the repairing welding, both need us to pinpoint the accurate position needing to be welded.

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Next, we also should do a good job of clearing and lubricating. Before welding, clean the place on the drum to be welded until it is exposed to metallic luster. It is to avoid there existing impurities and affecting the welding effect. Besides, we should lubricate the blocking wheel, bearing and riding wheel as well, so as to ensure the drum operating normally and be convenient for the next procedure of welding. Because the welding of the drum has an influence on equipment's specification and service life, so the welding part should be re-welded for more than two times. To play it safe, we should choose professional welding personnel to weld the drying equipment.

The majority of drying equipment should pay attention to welding, so does rotary drum dryers. The quality of the finished products is possible to be guaranteed only we pose a strict control on equipment quality. If you still have other questions, please contact with us freely or visit our website and leave us a message for solutions.

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