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What Should You Notice When Buying a Sand Maker

Sept 25,2017

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There are mainly four models of ore processing in mine production: crushing, sand making, ore dressing and grinding. The proportion of the sand making in them is the second, so it must not be taken lightly. Sand maker is the key equipment in the sand making process, thus there are many aspects that need us to pay more attention during the sand maker purchase!

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1.Figure out the raw material nature

For different materials, the process of sand making is very similar, but such simple process is always kept in close contact with another element, which is the raw material. It runs through the whole process of sand making and is the core of sand making. Different humidity, different hardness and a different viscosity of raw materials are the important aspects needing to be noticed. The materials with excessive humidity, high viscosity and excessive sediment concentration seriously impede the sand making an effect of the sand maker. Not only that, the high-moisture sand and gravel in the process of crushing and sand making are prone to adhesion on the inner wall of the crushing equipment and sand maker chamber, hinder the rapid production of sand making process, and the operators have to clean up them, as a result, increasing the downtime of crushing machine and sand maker. Therefore, it is necessary to figure out the properties of the raw material before purchasing the suitable sand maker and adding the appropriate auxiliary equipment.

2.Determine your standard for finished sand product

There are free-size clothes in the clothing industry, but there is no such equipment in the mining industry, and all equipment is made of different specifications, and so is the sand maker. According to the various standards of finished sand production, the users need to select the different specifications of sand maker, and different specifications of sand maker have different chamber types, each type of chamber has its specific sand making standard. Consequently, predetermining the standard of finished sand is the important precondition to choose the corresponding specification of the sand maker.

3.Understand the configuration of sand maker

When you are going shopping, if you get to know your stature and know what you want, then you can go to the major shopping sites to select the clothes that can achieve your desire. By the same token, when a buyer knows what is proper and what he wants, then he will look for the desired product according to his established framework. But it is important to note that even with the same style, the quality, style and structure are in thousands of possibilities. The buyer needs to carry out the practical investigation and field consideration, understand each structure and configuration of the sand maker machine before buying a sand maker, so as to find a trustworthy and stable mining sand making equipment.

4.Select the trustworthy sand maker manufacturer

In the era of economic globalization and information globalization, no company can stand out and occupy a monopoly position in an industry. In the mining equipment manufacturer, the sand maker equipment manufacturer also has the ceaseless competition, finding a suitable sand maker manufacturer to be able to bring greater convenience to your subsequent work.

Hope every customer can purchase the most suitable and favorite sand maker, if there are any problems on the sand making production or sand maker equipment, Fote Machinery is willing to answer for you, welcome to consult!

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