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Rust-preventing and Rust-proofing Measures for Mini Stone Crusher

Sept 27,2017

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Rusting of machines is a common problem in the long-term use of numerous mini stone crushers. Most of the mini stone crushers are made of steel, because the large stone crusher or mini stone crusher operates in the outdoor environment or in areas where there is more rainy weather, so that it is easy to rust. In addition, when the rocks or the ores with higher hardness, they have more serious friction in the crushing process and leading to the rust occurs in the internal crushing cavity of the mini stone crusher, if long delay and untimely treatment, will cause the equipment performance degradation.

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As is known to all, if there is the rust on the spare parts of mini stone crusher, will lead to all sorts of problems such as production halt, output reduction, cost increase, and resource waste, then the users will be forced to replace the crushing equipment, creating the tight financial situation for them. Therefore, for stone material manufacturers, it is very important to grasp some anti-rust and rust removal methods of mini stone crusher, which is crucial to ensure the production safety and the improvement of production efficiency. The following are the de-rusting and rust-proofing measures for mini stone crusher proposed by FTM expert---the professional mini stone crusher manufacturer.

Rust-preventing measures for mini stone crusher

In order to prevent the premature rust and corrosion of mini stone crusher, it is essential to strengthen the maintenance of mini stone crusher. The users had better arrange the professional personnel to undertake the regular maintenance to the crusher, for the rust-prone parts of the mini stone crusher, to apply the preservatives or apply the mineral paint and other anti-oxidation paint regularly to prevent the rusting of iron products in contact with water and air.

In addition, for the long-time unworking mini stone crusher, it is also necessary to strengthen maintenance, to regularly check whether the paint is complete, and try to avoid the bottom of the crusher contacting with the ground directly. In order to avoid the foreign substance into the machine, it is necessary to apply suitable grease for protection.

Rust removal measures for mini stone crusher

How should we deal with the mini stone crusher that has already developed the rusting phenomenon? FTM expert has put forward the following commonly used methods by summarizing the experience.

1.Chemical rust removal method

This method can only be used in the production workshop by using the acid to remove the rust on the surface of the mini stone crusher, and avoiding the direct contact with the human body.

2.High-pressure water abrasive rust removal method

By using the strong shock of high-pressure water jet to remove the rust on the steel plate, this method doesn't produce the dust pollution, and also can't damage the steel plate. It has high efficiency and good rust removal effect, but this method is easy to show the problem of rework rust.

3.Electric rust removal method

It is mainly through the use of electricity or compressed air to configure the appropriate de-rusting device and achieving the rust removal effect. This method has wide adaptability and is suitable for any occasion.

In the interest of preventing the rust to affect the service life of mini stone crusher and even cause serious impact to crusher production, FTM experts warn that it is necessary for every stone material factory to check the equipment regularly, deal with problems timely, and prevent the rust of equipment from further aggravating.

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