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FTM Jaw Crusher Will Give You Six Surprises Experience

Sept 21,2017

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In the early 19th century, the people of the American continent was shocked by an unprecedented great invention ---jaw crusher, its appearance is well received by the masses of the people, because jaw crusher brings the multiple pleasant surprises for people. Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. as one large-scale and well-known mining machinery manufacturer, it has invested a great deal of effort in the design and manufacturing technology of the jaw crusher, with the development of FTM manufacturer, FTM jaw crusher is also keeping growing, breaking the user's expectations again and again and bring the different surprises.

 jaw crusher

The first surprise: High productivity

FTM jaw crusher chamber type is different with other crushers because it uses the deep chamber type, the deepening of the crushing cavity depth increases the single-pass feeding material ratio of jaw crusher, at the same time, its kinetic energy conversion has a wide range, so as to increase the discharge velocity of jaw crusher.

The second surprise: Amazing crushing strength

FTM jaw crusher structure is designed reasonably and scientifically with the solid crusher body, it can crush many high-hardness rocks such as cobble, quartz, granite, etc, the crushing strength of the crushed rock can reach 350 MPa, and in the crusher ranks, the jaw crusher belongs to the strong performer of all high-hardness rock crusher.

The third surprise: Strict sealing

FTM Jaw crusher has a more special marking of crusher that is the jaw head design, on the basis of increased balance and bearing load, which increases the sealing strength of whole crusher, seals off the slungshot and dust in the crusher chamber, to ensure the cleanliness of the surrounding space and the safety of related operating personnel.

The fourth surprise: Long use period

FTM jaw crusher is made of the high-standard cast steel materials. With the continuous development of advanced technology, the research on materials develops rapidly, which makes the quality of jaw crusher parts higher and higher, the equipment body is more and more strong, its service life gets longer and longer.

The fifth surprise: Worldwide shipping

Fote Machinery has its own professional transport team, for the FTM jaw crusher order partner, Fote Machinery promises to deliver the jaw crusher to user's designated place on time in accordance with the terms and conditions.

The sixth surprise: Permanent after-sales service

Fote Machinery holds the responsible attitude for our products and our customers all the time, any friends who have bought FTM products can always consult FTM at any time about the problems of your production, and FTM foot will spare no effort to answer your questions.

Looking forward to the cooperation with you!

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