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Six Factors Affecting the Sand Crusher Productivity

Oct 30,2017

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In the real sand production process, sand crusher productivity is related to many factors such as the material properties, the fineness of finished sand product, sand crusher maintenance, sand crusher itself quality and so on. So, today FTM engineers are going to introduce six factors that can affect the sand crusher productivity, so as to help the sand crusher users to improve the output of their sand crusher equipment.

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★Different properties of stone material

Different materials have different properties, including humidity, viscosity, hardness and ingredient, which can lead to the different yields of sand maker. If the users feed the materials with high water content and high viscosity into the sand crusher directly, then these materials may adhere to the inner wall of the sand crusher chamber or block at the discharge outlet of sand crusher, if not be handled timely, which will cause the improper operation of sand maker and seriously affect the sand maker productivity; The harder the material is, the harder it is be crushed into sand. If we feed the too hard materials beyond the tolerance range of the sand crusher into the equipment, it will lead to more serious wear of the sand crusher and lower the sand crusher productivity; The more fine powder contained in the material, the easier to stick to the sand crusher chamber, and it will reduce the crushing efficiency of the sand crusher.

Through the above information, we can sense that only adding the stone materials with suitable hardness, humidity, viscosity and fine powder content, can ensure the high-efficient production of sand crusher.

★Different requirements for the fineness of finished sand product

The finer fineness of finished sand product is required by users, the less yield that the sand crusher will have. As for the fineness of sand product, it depends on users' requirements, if there is no special requirement, FTM technicians suggest the users adjust the discharging granularity into the medium-fine grade.

★The different configurations of sand production line

The configuration of sand production line should take all aspects into consideration to meet the yield demands of users, and the final yield of this production line is associated with every device in the sand production line. For instance, if one user requires the output of his sand production line should reach 800t/h, he can't just demand the sand maker yield is up to 800t/h, the jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand washing machine, vibrating screen, and other equipment also should be matched with the corresponding production capacity, otherwise, it is impossible to realize his demand.

★Different sand crusher models

At present, there are various sand crusher manufacturers and sand crusher models, and the sand crushers with different models have different energy consumption and production capacity in their operation process. Therefore users should have the certain knowledge about their own production before purchasing the new sand crusher to avoid spending higher cost but no corresponding return.

★Quality difference of sand crusher itself

High-quality sand maker not only has the energy saving and environmental protection characteristics, but also can easily achieve the expected yield of users and continuous, high-efficient and safe sand making production, because the high-quality crusher manufacturer adopts the high wear-resisting material and international advanced production technology.

★Different levels of sand crusher maintenance

The standard operation of users and regular maintenance can also improve the output of sand crusher. If one sand crusher can't be operated standardly and maintained regularly, its quick-wear parts will be worn seriously, the service life of the sand crusher will be greatly reduced, and its hourly sand production output will decrease.

The sand crusher productivity has the great relationship with the above six factors, therefore, the users should consider these factors and their own actual situations so as to find the suitable sand crusher equipment.

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