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What Factors Affecting Charcoal Briquette Machine Price

Nov 01,2017

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Charcoal briquette machine is one of the briquetting equipment that is mainly used to press the unformed powdery charcoal into the blocky product, which is characterized by the strong press ability, the adjustable revolution number of the main engine and equipped with the screw feeding device. The primary considerations of the customers who are going to invest in the charcoal briquette making machine are the charcoal briquette making machine price, the estimated cost of this production line, the profit return after production, and so on, therefore, we can see that the price occupies a very important position in market economy. And what are the factors affecting the charcoal briquette machine price? Let's take a detailed know.

charcoal briquette machine price

Firstly, charcoal briquette machine price is affected by the raw materials price of the charcoal briquette machine.

Specifically speaking, the steel price affects the charcoal briquette machine price. For the charcoal briquette making machine, the price of raw materials accounts for 60% of the whole charcoal briquette making machine price, like the reducer and other components used in the equipment are the scopes of the steel production industry, so the fluctuation of the steel price will directly affect the specific charcoal briquette machine price.

Secondly, charcoal briquette machine price is also influenced by the production mode and sales mode of the charcoal briquetting machine suppliers.

If the charcoal briquetting machine suppliers can have the large-scale quantity production, the multiple charcoal briquette machines can be manufactured in the form of assembly line, then the manufacturing cost of charcoal briquetting machine suppliers will reduce, so the charcoal briquetting machine suppliers with the mass production will make relatively lower price than the small briquetting machine suppliers. Generally, there are two kinds of sales modes: direct-sales suppliers can sell their products at the factory price to customers directly without middlemen, and there is the perfect after-sales service; Retailers can also be called middlemen, because there will be price difference, the equipment quote they give is higher than that offered by the direct-sales suppliers, and some retailers can't offer the after-sales service.

Thirdly, charcoal briquette machine price is affected by the labor cost and human resource.

The factors affecting charcoal briquette making machine price are various, the worker's labor cost is also one part, and the whole process of charcoal briquette machine from design, manufacture to sales, requires the participation of knowledgeable and skilled professionals. At present, the cost of the labor force is still increasing, naturally, the charcoal briquette machine price will rise.

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