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Daily Care and Lubricant Use of Coal Briquette Machine

Sept 16,2017

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The coal briquette machine dominates in the coal powder production equipment, it takes the great economic benefits for the users. However, many users have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to maintaining the coal briquette machine, today lets learn how to do the daily care and lubricants of coal briquette machine correctly together. It is essential that we should have shutdown inspection periodically or remove certain parts for inspection, if it is possible, we check the equipment once every three months or half year, like this check→operation→inspection, which can help us have better grasp the condition of coal briquette machine parts.

coal briquette machine 

The regular inspection methods of coal briquette machine:

1.Clean the dust on the coal briquette machine in the daily operation, and the dust removal should also be taken in the process of disassembly, no dust is allowed inside the body.

2.Open the inside of the machine for cleaning and inspection, and check the wear pattern of parts such as screw, triangle liner and feed nozzle, ect.

3.Remove the bearing cap of roller shaft, check the bearing wear condition.

4.Take down the inspection cover of the reducer to check the wear condition of the toothed gear and gear close state.

5.Check the bay bolts, see whether the safety bolts are loosened and tightened them.

The lubricant use requirements of coal briquette machine :

1.The gear oil in the open gear box shall be immersed in the gear for more than 60 mm.

2.The roller shaft bearings need to be opened once every three months to replace the bearing grease.

During the daily maintenance and inspection of coal briquette machine, it is best to refer to the product instructions of coal briquette machine, pay attention to check the oil mass, motor current, bearing heating condition, v-belt running condition, oil cylinder pressure, etc. We should stop the operation of coal briquette machine, when check the oil pressure of the oil cylinder, if there is the temperature change or the oil spills causing the pressure changes of the equipment, we should inject the new oil timely and wait the work pressure change meeting the specified numerical value when oil pressure is normal, then restart the machine production after the repairing.

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