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Precautions for the Use of Coal Briquette Machine

Oct 10,2017

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1.Before using the coal briquette machine, pay attention to the inspection of every parts in the equipment, see if there are any looses or any places not being dealt with well, in order to avoid the running failure affects the production of coal briquette machine.

2.It is important to let the machine run a few laps before starting to feed material. At the beginning of the machine starting up, we need to preliminary judge what is the maximum amount of materials filling into the briquetting machine, to prevent the coal briquette machine to handle too many materials and cause the overload to reducer and motor of briquetting machine, ultimately make the roll shaft of coal briquette machine twisted off.

3.The size of the material to be processed should be guaranteed below 3mm, otherwise it will affect the material molding and reduce the service life of the briquetting machine.

4.There mustn't be any iron or high-hardness foreign body mixed in the coal material while the coal briquette machine is pressing and making the products, for these foreign materials may cause damage to press roller bearing. Therefore before the operation of coal briquette machine, we can adopt the circular vibrating screen to sieve these materials.

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5.In the normal operation of the briquetting machine, ensure that the supplied materials must be sufficient to avoid the case of idle rotation of the coal briquette machine. It is advisable to use a speed adjustable spiral feeder to adjust the supply quantity of new material after the operator observing the return material quantity.

6.During the regular rotation of briquette maker, it is important to check whether the conveying belt is running properly. If the deviation problem exists, you can adjust the front and rear roller bearings and the top wire.

7.Regularly maintain and observe whether the reducer and bearing seat are short of oil and add the lubricating oil for them timely.

8.It is strictly forbidden to start the briquetting machine with heavy loading and prohibit the unskilled personnel from disorderly dismounting and adjusting the equipment.

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