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How to Maintain the Dust Collecting Bag of Raymond Mill?

Ju 13,2014

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Raymond Mill

The dust collecting bag of Raymond mill is an essential part of dust remover, which is used to filter dust or control the flow of air. Because the equipment are often subject to wind blowing, so it is easy to be damaged. As a professional manufacturer of Raymond mill, Fote Machinery has summarized the maintenance methods of Raymond mill dust collecting bag, and we explain them to you as follows:

The dust collecting bag is not the wearing parts. However, dust bag also has certain duration and wear. The causes of its wear are mainly in the following two points:

1. During the flow process, it will cause a greater friction, which may have a big impact on its duration. If the dust with strong liquidity and friction (such as aluminum powder, silicon powder, carbon powder etc.) is produced by Raymond mill during the grinding process, it will directly wear the dust bag and reduce its service life.

2. The high speed flying materials will produce heat, increase wear and reduce the service life of the bag. There is a kind of dust which may cause serious damage to dust collecting bag, it is the charged dust or glowing particles.

In order to avoid the broken of dust collecting bag, our company has developed a new kind of dust removal equipment -- pulse dust collector. The dust removal system is capable of adsorbing and dealing with waste materials during the grinding process. At the same time, the new dust removal system adopts international advanced electronic valve pulse dust removal system, which can guarantee the normal working process of the system. It can also increase the processing capacity and the recovery rate of materials during their treatment process. Currently, the pulse dust collector is the preferred equipment of Raymond mill supporting devices.

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