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Which Crusher Is Most Suitable for Coal Crushing

Sept 09,2017

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Coal is one of the main energy sources, and its processing and utilization can influence the realization of coal's economic value. But wanting to use the extracted coal mine as fuel, it also needs to be crushed, cleaned, dried and a series of processing. For the preliminary processing of coal mine, generally, it can't leave the crushing equipment, the coal crusher here refers to the crushing equipment carrying on the coal processing, there are many types of crusher can realize the coal crushing, however, what crusher is most suitable for crushing coal? Let's learn together.

two-stage crusher

It is generally determined which type of crusher is used according to the granularity that needs to be broken. According to the main force of coal crushing, coal crusher can be divided into extrusion type coal crusher, impact type coal crusher and shear type coal crusher:

1.Extrusion type coal crusher

Mainly including jaw crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher, etc.

The material is crushed by extruding, splitting and bending between the fixed toothed plate and the movable toothed plate in this type coal crusher.

2.Impact type coal crusher

Mainly including impact crusher, hammer crusher, heavy hammer crusher, etc.

The hammerhead of this kind of crusher through the high-speed movement hits the material, after each blow, the material accelerates to impact plate, the repeated impact, the material under the repeated action of impact and anti impact and the mutual shock of the gravel in the crushing chamber is handled into the standard grain sizes ultimately.

3.Shear type coal crusher

Double toothed roller classifier and double toothed roll crusher belong to the shear type coal crusher. This kind of crusher makes full use of the strength characteristics of coke, coal and so on, by cutting, stretching, bending, breaking and splitting of materials to achieve the purpose of crushing.

*The most commonly used coal crusher: Two-stage crusher

In so many coal crushers, the most commonly used coal crusher is coal two-stage crusher, this crusher can overcome moisture characteristic of coal, has no jam, large production capacity and low fault rate, coal two-stage crusher can bring good economic benefits for coal processing enterprises, is the main equipment in coal production line.

1.Coal two-stage crusher working principle

Under the double motor driving, two sets of rotors connected to each other with high-speed rotating at the same time, the material in the machine cavity crushed by the upper rotor, and then be finely crushed again immediately by the rapid rotation of the lower rotor hammerhead, the material inside the machine cavity rapid collision and smashing each other.

2.Superior performance of coal two-stage crusher

The maximum compressive power of coal two-stage crusher is 150MPa, and it can directly crush the material with the particle size less than 200mm to below 2mm. The equipment has series-wound two rotors, which can make the particle size fine and the large crushing ratio. The hammerhead on the rotor is worn at one end, it can be replaced at the other end and recycled utilization.

Many crushing machines need to collocate with screening equipment when handling the materials, to avoid the unsatisfactory material into the machine, such as the material with excessive moisture. However, the coal two-stage crusher is designed without sieve bottom grate, so the blockage malady of material is well solved because of its large amount of water content and the high degree of adhesion.

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