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How to Handle Limestone to Make More Money?

Dec 13,2017

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The purpose of limestone powder

Limestone is used in many fields. However, before it is used in these fields, limestone will need to be ground into ultra-fine powder and then apply to various production processes adding other workmanship.

limestone powder

In the past, lime powder was mainly used as filler in the production of ceramics. In modern industry, limestone powder has an important application in building materials, glass, and cement production industry. For example, it can improve the insulation performance of cable wrapping by using lime powder as the filler of plastic cable. In recent years, people adopt the new process to use lime powder in rubber products. It is believed that with the development of technology, the application of limestone powder will be more extensive.

Why choosing the micropowder mill for the deep processing of limestone?

Different application fields have different requirements for lime powder and the main difference is in fineness. For the deep processing of limestone, it is most appropriate for us to choose micropowder mill. Now there are many kinds of grinding mills on the market, why the micro powder mill is the most appropriate?

1. The ability of micropowder mill is well-matched with limestone property

Limestone is a non-metallic mineral with good plasticity and fire resistance. The Moh's hardness of limestone is 3. At the same time, limestone is relatively brittle.

Micropowder mill is suitable for process all kinds of non-flammable and non-explosive mineral materials with the Moh's hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 7%. Therefore, micropowder mill is very suitable for the deep processing of limestone.

2. Lime powder produced by micropowder mill is more competitive in the market

The finished product of lime powder produced by micropowder mill can be willfully adjusted between 0.18 mm (80 mesh) and 0.010mm (1,250 mesh). And the lime powder is uniform and without impurity. It has a quite strong market competitiveness in chemical industry, building materials and other industries. Meanwhile, micro powder mill can bring more income.

3. The production of micropowder mill meets environmental standards

The end of micro powder mill has the dust removal device which can effectively reduce dust emission, so that the production process of micropowder mill conforms to the standard of dust emission and reduce the pollution to environment.

How does micropowder mill process limestone?

After limestone is crushed to the required granularity, the material is sent to the storage hopper by bucket elevator, and then sent to the grinding chamber of micropowder mill continuously through a vibration feeder.

Due to the centrifugal force, the grinding roll swings outward and presses against the grinding ring during rotating. The scraper knife scoops up the material and sends it to grinding roll and grinding ring. Due to the rolling of grinding roll, micro powder mill achieves the purpose of smashing material.

The ground fine powder is introduced into the analytical machine for sorting along with the circulation wind of air blower. The coarse material falls back to grinding chamber of micropowder mill for regrinding. The qualified fine powder goes into the product cyclone collector along the air flow. Finally, the discharged material from the powder tube is the finished product.

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