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Why More People Like to Invest in Limestone Processing Industry

Dec 08,2017

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There are three points can help you understand why more people tend to invest in limestone processing industry.


Abundant limestone resources and low development cost

As a non-metallic raw mineral material, limestone is widely used because it is extensively distributed in nature and easy to be acquired. Many countries have it, such as Mozambique, India, Zambia, Pakistan, Brazil, etc. Limestone is excellent in quality and most of them are exposed to the surface. Therefore people can exploit it easily with low development cost.

Limestone Processing Industry

Extensive applications and large market demand

In modern industry, limestone as the main raw material for cement, lime and calcium carbide is the indispensable flux limestone in metallurgical industry.

After the first-class quality limestone is ground by the micropowder mill,the powder lime can be applied in various product manufacturing including paper, rubber, paint, medicine, cosmetic, fodder, and also can be made into the sealing, bonding, and polishing products.

limestone powder

The main uses in the civil engineering are as follows:

a. lime mortar We can use lime putty or hydrated lime to make up the lime mortar or cement lime mixed mortar. Lime mortar is often used in masonry or plastering engineering.

b. lime stabilized clay Users can add lime powder into all kinds of loose soil. After mixing, compacting, and curing them, the obtained mixture is called lime stabilized clay. Because it has a certain compressive strength and water resistance, so lime stabilized clay can be used as the materials of buildings base, floor mat, and road pavement base.

c. silicate product With lime powder and siliceous material (sand, fly ash, slag, etc.) as the main raw materials, after dosing, mixing, molding and curing them, we can make building bricks and blocks. Because the internal gelatinous substance of them is mainly the hydrated calcium silicate, so they are called silicate products. Commonly, there are grey sand brick and fly ash brick in the market.

d. lime emulsion paint Adding a large amount of water to lime, the resulting thin pulp is called lime emulsion. It is mainly used for indoor painting where the demand is not high.

In-short supply and tremendous investment prospect

Limestone belongs to a non-renewable resource. At present,many countries have formulated strict environmental policies. Many lime manufacturing plants that do not comply with environmental requirements have been banned from production.

Meanwhile, because limestone has high density, high hardness, excellent corrosion resistance and wind erosion resistance, most of the building materials need to be manufactured with limestone.

Therefore, the current market supply of limestone can not meet users' production demand. In this way, it seems that the investment prospect of environmental limestone processing enterprises is very great.

If you have the idea of investment in limestone production, do not hesitate. The best profit can be obtained only by taking a good time. Fote Machinery provides various stone crusher equipment and grinding mills for limestone, if necessary, please contact us at

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