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Seven Small Stone Crushers Shipped to Indonesia

Dec 06,2017

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Recently, one of our old customers from Indonesia wants to try to launch a new small-scale limestone crushing production line. So he has ordered six PE-200x350 small jaw crushers and one small limestone tertiary crusher with the specification of 800x400. At the same time, he also purchased other ore beneficiation equipment to support his existing production needs. Our technicians have packed these machines and are going to transport them to destination.

small stone crushers for sale

Why choose small stone crusher

In the market, stone crushers are mostly in large size and are used in large production lines. For example, the large-sized jaw crusher and sand crusher can be applied to the large sand production line so that clients can get good production benefits. In actual production, there are also many small production plants. If we use large stone crusher, it will be like someone employs a steam engine to crack a nut. And it will also increase the unnecessary investment.

mini jaw crusher and tertiary crusher

Small stone crusher types

Actually, small stone crusher is the mini version of the common rock crusher. Its crushing effect is the same as that of a large crusher. It is only less than the large crusher in production. It is only less than the larger crusher in production. Mini stone crusher also has a lot of types, including small jaw crusher, small hammer crusher, small compound crusher, small two-stage crusher, small roll crusher, etc.

Application area of mini stone crusher

The material produced by a mini stone crusher is as suitable as a big stone crusher in many fields. For instance, the limestone gravel produced by the small jaw crusher is popular in cement factories and construction of houses and road. Small stone crushers can be combined with other screening or transportation equipment in small stone and sand production lines.

Main advantages of small stone crusher compared with large crusher

1. Smaller size→smaller footprint→save the space expenses

2. Lighter weight→easier to install→more convenient to repair

3. Lower noise and fewer dusts→more environmentally friendly

4. Less investment in equipment→suitable for more clients

5. Lower energy consumption→less production cost

If you have interest, please view our small stone crusher, and get a quote today!

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