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What Need to Note in Cement Kiln Debugging?

May 12,2015

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After properly installing the cement kiln, debugging is very important. Correct debugging procedures ensure the normal operation of the cement kiln, so what specific aspects should we pay attention to in cement kiln debugging?

After the installation of cement kiln equipment, first to check whether all the technical indicators have reached the requirements. Then proceed to carry out debugging test run after being confirmed eligible by related department. Before debugging, we need to inspect the cement kiln together with its ancillary facilities thoroughly.

Cement Kiln

(1) Ensure that all the fasteners are tightened securely and clean up all the sundries inside and outside the cement kiln, up and under the base, especially between the gears or the belt and the tugs;

(2) Check the lubrication and hydraulic system for leakage, and the flexibility of valves. Make sure the oil filled in place, and the oil pressure, oil temperature and flow volume in line with the design requirements;

(3) Check the instruments, indicators and the rotation direction of the motor to ensure they comply with the relevant provisions of the drawings;

(4) Check the transmission gear to make sure there is no such abnormal noise deriving from shock or vibration. Ensure the large and small gears mesh properly and work smoothly,

(5) Check if the tire contact with the tug properly, with a contact length not less than 70%;

(6) Check if the devices loose or not, and if the seal device rub the local.

When all the technical indicators have reached the requirements, proceed to debugging. Firstly start from the main motor. Adjust its rotation direction to make the parameters meet design requirements or regulations. Boot the main motor, test run it for two hours separately, and then let the main motor drives the main reducer running for four hours, at the same time open the cooling and lubrication system. Finally make the main motor to drive the transmission system operating for eight hours. Make sure every part is operating normally.

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