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Five Major Hazards of High Temperature Cement Mill

Feb 07,2015

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Cement mill is the necessary equipment in cement plants. However, during the grinding process of cement mill, if it is not controlled properly, the temperature in the mill will increase. If the temperature exceeds the standard level, it will bring a series of bad effect. During the following paragraphs, Fote Machinery will explain the bad effects brought by high temperature cement mill:

Cement Mill

1. The grind ability of materials will decrease with the increase of temperature. The regions with higher grinding fineness, tiny cement particles will rub against each other to produce electrostatic adsorption, in addition to mutual coagulation, it has also adsorbed the grinding body to form a buffer layer, thus reducing the grinding effect of cement mill; the higher the temperature, the cohesion of the grinding side effect will be more serious.

2. Because when the cement mill is in operation, especially it stops grinding, the grinding body will cause large temperature difference, thus resulting in stress and thermal deformation of significant heat, or even cause the damage of cement mill. Thermal deformation makes the mill produce the inertia force after shutting down, the current ripple will take into formation during the operation and self vibration; cement grinding heat will be transferred to the main bearing, which will increase the main bearing temperature and nursing difficulty.

3. During the grinding process, it will produce heat. In large ball mill manufacturing, the grinding fineness requirement is fine cement clinker; even the grinding temperature is not high. It also can make the temperature increase, which will be harmful to grinding mill.

4. Inside the mill, high temperature will cause the dehydration of gypsum will become semi hydrated gypsum, which produces part of anhydrous gypsum. The cement caused by false setting will affect the quality of cement, which is also easy to make the storage of cement clinker. Cement temperature should not exceed 110 to 120 ℃, high temperature will make the packaging bag become brittle to increase the damage rate.

5. To control the temperature in the cement mill, the first step is to control the the material temperature in the mill, and the temperature should be controlled at room temperature, preferably not more than 50 ℃. When the grinding temperature is high, the majority of mechanical energy will be transformed into heat energy, thus resulting in higher temperature inside the mill. It is easy to make cement due to electrostatic attraction and coalescence, which will stick on the grinding body and lining board, thus reducing the grinding efficiency.

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