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Three Advantages for the Dry Production of Sand Maker

Dec 01,2014

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Dry production system of sand making machine is different from the traditional production mode, it does not need to produce the finished sand for cleaning raw materials so as to reduce the content of stone powder and sludge powder, but in the process of sand making, it will be able to finish the work easily, which not only can effectively improve its production efficiency, but also can ensure the produced sand aggregate has high quality. Below the passage, Fote Machinery will make up the detailed introduction to the dry sand production mode.

Sand Maker

First of all, the sand production line can solve environmental and geographical conditions on the sand limit to the greatest extent. Because the traditional sand need to go through the process of water cleaning, and it is often suitable for the regions with rich water resource. If there is a serious lack of water, it will greatly affect the sand quality. However, we know that the focus of modern nation building has gradually turned to the arid area. Therefore, this new kind of production mode can effectively solve the water limits.

Secondly, the production mode can be separated without the use of water for cleaning, so from the long-term development perspective, companies can save a lot of cost, so as to bring more benefits to enterprises. From the perspective of environmental protection, the production mode can complete the powder selecting work in sand production line directly, thus ensuring the dust flying phenomenon cannot occur, and then followed by purification device processing equipment will be discharged into the air, which is very conducive to the environmental protection.

Finally, because the production line has gradually become the automation, information and integration line, so the production and processing of sand quality in such environment can get better control. When compared with the traditional equipment processing income sand finished, it can guarantee the mud powder and powder quantity contained in the full control within the scope of the relevant standards. At the same time, the operator can more effectively control the sand quality, which greatly enhances the concrete workability to further improve the sand strong compressive properties, thus greatly meet the needs of the construction of modern industrial sand.

In short, the dry production operation model through the sand making machine not only can greatly improve the production efficiency and the quality standard of sand. At the same time, it has wider application field and more environmental protection performance. So we believe that this production mode can get a better development in the future with the sustainable development advantage, so as to promote the upgrading in sand industry.

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