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Description of Compound Crusher Quick-wear Parts

Oct 26,2017

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Compound crusher is widely used in the medium-fine crushing and fine crushing field of the high-hardness materials, due to its no screen setting, when a compound crusher is used to crush the materials with high moisture content and large amount of mud, it is not easy to jam material in the equipment, so it gets the consistent praise from the clients. However, because of the long-term production of the compound crusher under the harsh environmental conditions, it is inevitable to cause the serious wear of compound crusher parts. And which parts belong to the vulnerable parts of compound crusher? After a lot of production experiences, some compound crusher manufacturers have summed up that compound crusher wearing parts basically have the following several parts:

compound crusher structure

1.Hammerhead of compound crusher

Compound crusher hammerhead is the most frequently replaced component in compound stone crusher. Because the hammer head of compound crusher is the main part that is directly used to hammer the material, and the crushed material is mostly of the high-hardness material on the quarry such as the granite, limestone, marble, etc., therefore, the abrasion of compound crusher hammerhead is inevitable.

2.Lining plate of compound crusher

The compound crusher lining plate is used to assist the hammerhead to complete the crushing work, at the same time, it acts the protective function to the inner cylinder wall of compound stone crusher. During the production of compound crushing machine, the crushed material bounces back to the lining plate by the hammer blow of compound crusher hammer head, and the lining plate bounces off the material through the inertia action, circulating like this, so as to cause the serious wear and tear on the compound crusher liner.

3.Rotor bearing of compound crusher

The rotation number of the compound crusher rotor bearing determines the production efficiency of the compound crusher, the more the bearing revolutions, the higher the production efficiency of compound stone crusher, otherwise it is low. Due to the long operation of the rotor bearing, plus the excessive dust or the insufficient lubrication, the damage of the compound crusher rotor bearing can be worsened.

4.Compound crusher belt

The compound crusher belt is also called the conveyor belt, which is a component that masters the transmit power of compound crusher equipment. Compound crusher conveyor belt runs back and forth between the pulley and the motor for a long time, and the stone crusher equipment often operates in an open-air environment, so it is easy to cause the weathering, abrasion, or sliding phenomenon on the compound crusher belt.

To minimize the wastage of compound crusher quick-wear parts, first is to scientifically choose the equipment type and model, second is to use rationally and select suitable equipment material. FTM stone crusher technicians suggest that, once the equipment type selection is improper, the serious consequence is that the factory will be in long-term passive production and the lighter consequence is that the equipment accessories will have the frequent and excessive wear. Therefore, before purchasing one machine, customers must clear the material properties what you want to process (compressive strength, hardness, moisture content, viscosity, etc.), the demands for the feeding size and finished product size of the material and the yield requirements, etc., then consult the relevant compound crusher manufacturer to select the most suitable equipment.

Fote Machinery as a professional stone crusher manufacturer, has more than 30-year manufacturing and selling experience, we can provide the fully customized services to our users according to the actual their needs. FTM technicians adopt the best raw materials and scientific casting process to manufacture FTM stone crushers, and each type of machine is equipped with the corresponding comprehensive instructions and precautions, FTM compound stone crusher has passed ISO9001, CE and GOST international quality system certification, as a result, our product quality is guaranteed and FTM compound stone crusher price is also cost-effective, welcome your inquiry.

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