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The Specific Operating Methods of Gold Flotation

Dec 16,2017

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Flotation is one of the most widely used ore beneficiation methods, which is often used by gold ore dressing plant to deal with sulfide minerals containing gold ores that with high flotability. Flotation process can maximize the enrichment of gold with relatively low dressing cost. Flotation operation is an important part of flotation production. Excellent operation methods not only can make the process stable but also are important guarantee for getting good sorting index. gold ore dressing plants in 80% of the world are using this method.

Flotation Cell

Operation method: Because gold ores flotation process is relatively complicated, it is difficult to achieve efficient gold enrichment effect only once. The whole process usually requires multiple selection procedures. Before starting the flotation machine motor, users should drive the machine by hand. The starting sequence is sweep selection, rough selection, fine selection.

1.Sweep selection

When workers are adjusting the pulp surface, especially in sweep selection stage, the pulp level should be adjusted as high as possible, and the pulp concentration should be controlled about 25%. It is preferred that pulp is in a little mushy state but do not flow away when foaming agent is added to pulp surface. In this case, the highest recovery of useful gold ores can be guaranteed.

2.Rough selection

Usually, foam ore in flotation machine will reverse into rough selection. At this time, it is advisable that pulp level rises into a foam layer height of 40-75mm. In rough selection stage, the drug dosage should be given less than the set amount but cannot lead to useful ores sink, and thick pulp of about 30% concentration should be used. At the same time, the pulp in the latter two slots should not overflow into rough selection and fine selection slots.

Generally, the foams in rough selection slot are larger than those in sweep selection slot. The foam size in rough selection slot is 20-30mm and are mineralized, that is covered with useful gold ore particles. The foam size in sweep selection slot is 5-15m, the load of useful ores particles is less. The foams are small and more in amount but are easy to broken when being scraped into the next slot by loam board.

3.Fine selection

In rough and fine ores slots, lower pulp level and higher foam layer should be kept. Higher foam layer can promote better separation of ores particles. Fine selection should adopt dilute pulp with about 20% concentration, which can ensure the superior gold fine ores quality.

When adjusting wind given, the wind should not be too small. Otherwise, the pulp cannot produce foam and will cause tail runs away and metal loss. The wind should not be too strong, which will make the pulp surface surge and lead to poor quality foams. It is advisable that the best foam products just can be scraped into the slot.

Most attention should be paid to the rough selection slot of flotation machine when operating. Because largest number of foam products should be produced in this procedure. Only in this way can we get the highest recovery of gold on the premise of guaranteeing the productivity and high-quality product.

Flotation process is an important part of gold ore beneficiation process, which is directly related to the flotation technical and economic index. Flotation machine is the most important equipment in this process, therefore the workers have to master its technical essentials and experience, so as to on the basis of guaranteeing a certain gold fine ores recovery rate, improve the gold fine ores quality and the improve the economic benefits of whole mineral processing plant.

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