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Why Are Forged Balls More Popular than Cast Balls?

Nov 29,2017

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The grinding balls belong to the consumables. Although the purchase proportion of grinding balls in the mining equipment is only 5%-8% and they look like very inconspicuous, grinding balls play a crucial role in the operation efficiency of ore processing.

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According to the different processing technology, grinding steel balls can be divided into forged grinding balls and cast grinding balls. Some people think that the cast ball is better than the forging ball. Other people think that the forged ball is better than the cast ball. In fact, both of these statements are too absolute.

According to the characteristics of casting and forged balls, their applications in various environments are very different. In recent years, the forged grinding steel balls are more popular than cast grinding steel balls. And the specific reasons can be learned from the following characteristics analysis of them.

Wider grinding application

Forged balls are the anti-corrosion balls and suitable for dry and wet grinding.Cast grinding balls belong to heat-resistant ball, which is suitable for dry grinding.

For example, we recommend users choose the cast grinding balls for the raw mill in cement plant. Cement raw mill belongs to the dry ball mill, and it will produce high temperature in dry grinding process. And the content of Cr (Chromium) in cast grinding ball can increase the temperature resistance of cast grinding balls. So cast balls are suitable for the cement raw mill production. However, forged balls are widely used in the ore dressing plant and power plant.

Higher production capacity

Forged grinding balls are applicable to ball mill with a diameter of 3~11 m. Cast grinding balls are suitable for ball mill with a diameter of 1.5~3 m.

In the ball mill with a diameter less than 2.5m ~ 3m, the grinding effect of cast ball is slightly better than that of forged. Because the acceptable impact value of cast grinding ball is only 2~4 joules, cast ball can withstand the impact in the small diameter of ball mill.

However, when a ball mill has the diameter more than 3m, the impact on the grinding balls inside the ball mill will be higher than 4 joules. At this time, even if the cast balls with good quality, they still couldn't withstand the high-strength impact and will be broken. Once the grinding ball is broken, it will float on the surface when the ball mill cylinder turns. It not only can't play the positive work, but also may reduce the grinding effect of ball mill.

In order to increase the productivity, users like using the large-diameter ball mill or semi-autogenous mill. In this case, the cast balls are not suitable for the ore dressing requirement. And the forged grinding balls have more obvious advantage in large- diameter ball mill production. Forged grinding ball can withstand the impact of more than 12 joules due to its high toughness.

Lower wear

In the grinding process, cast grinding ball's surface may have the loss of circle, but forged ball won't.

Cast grinding ball is made by pouring, which results in that there is a pouring port in each ball surface. This area is the final solidification area of the cast grinding balls. So the impurities, loose and soft point is here. It may cause the cast grinding balls to appear the loss of circle phenomenon in the grinding process.

But there is no pouring port on the forged grinding balls because of different process. The whole ball is integrated like a table tennis, there is no soft spot on it.

From the above analysis, we can see why forged grinding balls are more popular. But whether it's a cast grinding ball or a forged grinding ball, Fote Machinery hopes users can purchase the high-quality products. Selecting superior grinding steel balls can not only improve the production efficiency of ball mill but also reduce the times of grinding balls adding and replacement, so as to greatly reduce the ore dressing cost. Fote Machinery not only manufactures the grinding balls with quality assurance, but also can offer good technical service and after-sales support. So, if you have any needs of the grinding balls or ball mill machine, please contact us online directly.

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