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Solutions to Raise the Efficiency of Wet Ball Mill

Nov 25,2017

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In the normal production of wet ball mill, some troubles will happen and cause many terrible effects to wet ball mill productivity. Today Fote Machinery will introduce you the corresponding solutions to raise the low efficiency of wet ball mill in the ore dressing production progress.
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* Under the long-term operation, the wet ball mill equipment may have the blockage and leakage situations. So, we should control the material operational throughput well, so that it can simply and effectively prevent the occurrence of blockage; Material leakage is caused because the seal layer of wet ball mill inlet has been worn down, we can replace the sealing packing in time.

* By adjusting the outlet pressure of the slurry pump to control the inlet pressure of the cyclone station, generally, the inlet pressure of cyclone station is generally between 0.9 and 1.2, but sometimes it can be adjusted as needed.

* After finishing the pressure test of the cyclone station during commissioning, we should replace the belt pulley of the slurry pump and properly adjust the speed of the slurry pump.

* Adjust the amount of filtrate water (or process water) in the ball mill inlet. One of the effects of filter water in the ball mill inlet is that its flow can drive the ore slurry flow. If the filtrate water volume is large, the ore slurry flow will be fast and the grinding time will be relatively short, then the particle size of ore slurry will be relatively larger. Whereas, the particle size of ore slurry will be smaller.

* Keep the good control of slurry density and slurry density range. Slurry density is online inspected by the slurry pipeline installing in front of the cyclone station inlet. The supplementary water regulating valve in the slurry tank of wet ball mill increase or decrease the supplementary water into the slurry tank according to the slurry density in order to maintain the density constant.

* Adjust the size of the grinding material according to the steel ball proportion of wet ball mill, to keep the rational steel ball loading volume and the steel ball proportion. If finding that the current drops markedly, we should replenish steel ball in time, so as not to have the obstacle in grinding production of wet ball mill.

* Generally, the wet ball mill allows the material size less than 12 mm into its feeding inlet for grinding, and the probability of wet ball mill clogging will be few as long as controlling the feeding material size reasonably.

* Adjust the distribution box of finished product. When the liquid level of the mill's slurry discharging tank reaches the lowest, switch the slurry of the cyclone station overflow pipe to the wet ball mill's slurry discharging tank; When the normal liquid level is reached, switch the slurry into the slurry tank.

* The slurry fineness of the cyclone station outlet must be assayed regularly to provide a basis for the slurry fineness adjustment.

In the final analysis, Fote Machinery summarized the following four sentences for raising the wet ball mill efficiency: Do a good job of anti-blocking and leak prevention; Keep the normal revolving speed of slurry pump; Maintain reasonable grinding ball loading capacity and proportion; Control the material particle size of entering the wet ball mill to make it in the acceptable range of equipment. With these words in mind, your wet ball mill equipment will run more smoothly.

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