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Chinaware Ball Mill

Chinaware Ball Mill

The chinaware ball mill can grind any ore rock from ≤25 mm into 0.075 mm. Both Electric engine and Diesel engine are optional. Capacity : from 0.62t/h to 180 t/h flexible.


Chinaware ball mill is small ball mill equipment, which is mainly used in small scale production. Whole body of Chinaware ball mill is made of ceramic or it uses ceramic lining board. It is also known as ceramic ball mill.

Chinaware ball mill I used in some cases. For example, materials cannot be mixed iron or materials are easily reacted with iron. Hence, when grinding these kinds of materials, do not use metal lining board, steel ball or other ordinary grinding media. In this case, we should use Chinaware ball mill to grind materials.

Ceramic Ball Mill

Chinaware ball mill is mainly used for mixing and grinding materials, which has uniform product fineness and saves power. It can be used for both wet and dry type grinding. Chinaware ball mill can also use different lining boards according to production requirements so as to meet different needs.

Model Specifications

Model Feeding capacity
Shell rotation speed
Reference motor
Liner material
600×700 0.05 50 2.2 Chinaware,silicon,rubber or metal(the related motor power varied as per the different liner materials and grinding materials)
800×600 0.075 42 3
900×1200 0.2 38.5 5.5
1300×1500 0.5 33 7.5
1500×1800 1.2 28.5 11
1800×2000 1.5 24 15
2600×2800 5 16.5 37
3000×3800 10 14.5 57.2
3200×4600 15 13.5 75

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