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The Processing Layout of Dry Mix Mortar Production Plant

Ju 26,2014

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Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Dry powder mortar refers to the granular or powdery mixture of aggregates after screening and drying processes (such as quartz sand), inorganic cementitious materials (such as cement) and additives (such as polymer physics) with a certain proportion. It is packed in bags or in bulk when sent to the site, which can be used directly after mixing with water. The process design of the dry mortar production line mainly includes the following types:

1. The Tower Type Layout.

The tower type layout is usually equipped from the top to the bottom of the corresponding equipment, which is followed by sand sieving machine, storage bucket, measuring bucket, feeding machine, mixing machine, packaging machine and stacking conveyors. Lift the raw materials to the top of silo, and the raw material rely on their own gravity to flow from the silo. After the computer batching, spiral conveying, metering, mixing and packaging, the finished products are transferred to the warehouse for storage. The whole production line is controlled by the central computer with high precision and flexible use, and the production system is sealed with no dust pollution.

2. The Ladder Type Layout.

The ladder type layout of dry mortar production line is transferring the raw material storage bin from the mixing machine to the ground, and the raw material measure is also arranged below the storage bin. In order to reduce the time to extend the production cycle, intermediate storage bunker is arranged above the mixing machine. Dry mixed mortar production line includes two stages, which reduces the weight and construction height of the steel structure, as well as the engineering investment. Ladder type dry powder production line is applicable to the production of ordinary dry mortar production, which has flexible layout and moderate investment.

3. The Station Type Layout.

The station type layout means mixing tower to sand bunker on the ground after the measurement, and then the bucket elevator lift it for mixing above the temporary storage bunker. Cement, lime and other raw materials are transported to the mixer by the screw conveyor to the inner measure for coiling. Small amount of feeding additives are provided through the adding bin which is arranged on the upper part of the preparation bin. This kind of layout is applicable to a variety production of dry mixed mortar, special mortar production, which covers moderate areas and needs less investment.

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