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How to Choose a Right Ball Milling Method for Your Material

Dec 19,2017

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Usually, there are two types of ball milling methods: dry milling method and wet milling method. The ball mill crushers used in these two kinds of ball milling methods are dry ball milling and wet ball mill. The following is the comparison of these two ball milling methods.

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Definition of wet milling method and dry milling method

The wet milling method of normal ball mill crusher means that when the ore enters the ball mill crusher, it can be crushed under the interaction of the grinding medium and the ore itself to meet the grinding needs of customers. There will also be water flow participation in the process, at this time, and ore movement will be driven by the water flow.

Dry milling method refers to that after the ore experiences a certain crushing operation of ball mill crusher, it will be carried out by the air flow pumped out of the cylinder when it reaches the particle size requirement.

In fact, whether wet milling method or dry milling method, the purpose of users to use a ball mill crusher is the same. They all want to get more fine-grained minerals to meet their production needs.

It is the key to choose the right ball milling method

Whether choosing wet milling method is more appropriate or dry milling method, it is entirely dependent on the subsequent operation of ore dressing and material properties. Only finding the suitable ball milling method for materials can ensure the efficient operation of the ball mill crusher. These two kinds of ball milling methods have their own advantage, so we should make the right choice according to the specific circumstances.

Precautions in the process of selecting a grinding method

1. When we don't have excessive demand on the fineness of some material, or the ground product by ball mill machine should be stored or sold in powder form such as ground glaze and pigment, it is appropriate to apply dry grinding process. For example, in the process of cement production, it is necessary to choose dry milling method but not the wet grinding milling method, otherwise, it will be difficult to meet the users' needs.

2. Wet grinding method is generally aimed at the materials that do not produce physical or chemical change in liquid mediums. If there is a reaction, there will be another material in the ball mill crusher, which makes no sense.

3. During the dry grinding process of materials, due to the unreasonable design of the ball mill cylinder, sometimes there will form a dead angle. In the dead angle part of ball mill crusher, the material can't be ground effectively. This is what we need to pay special attention to in daily operation.

4. In the installation and maintenance operation, whether it is dry ball milling or wet ball mill, we need the guidance by professional technicians to avoid unnecessary trouble. At the same time, we can also make use of the limited time to complete more efficient productions.

Wet ball mill is more economical and practical than dry ball mill

Considering the overall economic effect of ball mill grinding operation, wet ball mill is usually adopted for ore dressing. Wet ball mill has the advantages of stronger adaptability of materials, continuous production, finer and better grinding effect, and easier product fineness adjustment, so it has wider application areas then dry ball mill.

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