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Advantages of Wet Magnetic Separator in Coal Preparation

Dec 18,2017

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Importance of processing the coal mine correctly

Coal is one of energy mineral resources, which can be widely used in power, steel and iron, chemical industrial production and also in the field of people's daily life. Coal is gotten from coal mines, which means it is mined in coal-rich mining areas. Coal ore can have a great use after being mined.


However, if it cannot be properly processed, it will cause the environmental pollution and ecological damage. Therefore, on the basis of exploring the maximum value of coal mine, we also need to ensure that the ecological environment is in the development orbit of the virtuous circle.

Necessary equipment for coal preparation---wet counter-current magnetic separator

There are many kinds of coal ore resources in the world. In order to get the fine coal, we should do the mineral processing for it. The wet magnetic separator is the ideal equipment that can make the dense medium recycle in the dense medium coal preparation process. The magnetic separation effect of wet magnetic separator directly affects the stability of the whole coal preparation process. Moreover, the consumption of dense medium is an important evaluation index for the coal preparation plant.

magnetic separator

The wet magnetic separator can be divided into the co-current magnetic separator, counter-current magnetic separator, and semi-countercurrent magnetic separator. Each type of wet magnetic separator has its own merits, which can be selected to use in different materials according to the mineral characteristics.

For the characteristics of coal mine, Fote Machinery recommends that customers choose the wet counter-current magnetic separator. Because the main magnetic class of wet counter-current magnetic separator is made of neodymium iron boron (Nd-Fe-B), which can be conducive to improve the magnetic field intensity of magnetic trough surface. Under the action of arc throttle plate and arc slab, the physical change of the thin medium will make the medium more evenly mixed in the cylinder. To some extent, it is beneficial to the recycle and utilization of coal and to improve the coal mine grade.

Wet counter-current magnetic separator has great graces in the coal preparation process

Grace one: Wet counter-current magnetic separator has a counter-current trough. And coal mine belongs to the dense medium recovery materials. Therefore, when the coal slurry is flowing, it is just opposite the cylinder of rotating separator, and the non-magnetic coal mineral partials are cleaned well.

Grace two: Some of the non-magnetic things in the coal mine always can meet with the clean surface of the magnetic separator cylinder, so that the magnetic particles can be sucked into the strongest magnetic field. The magnetic separation effect of coal mine is improved.

Grace three: The wet counter-current magnetic separator has a long sweep district. In the case of a high throughput, it can still handle the low-grade tailings, so that the recovery rate of coal mine is high.

Grace four: Wet counter-current magnetic separator has an effective discharge design. It can automatically discharge the coal mine with a small number of strong magnetic minerals, so as to keep the continuous work for a long time.

Therefore, it is perfect to select wet counter-current magnetic separator for the coal preparation work. Only the reasonable coal mining, reasonable coal preparation, and reasonable coal processing can make full use of coal mine resources. For more coal processing equipment, please send your demands to FTM engineers will reply you as soon as possible.

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