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Double-Drum Dryer, Three-Drum Dryer

Double-Drum Dryer, Three-Drum Dryer

The double-drum dryer, the three-drum dryer is widely used for drying slag, coal, clay, sand, limestone and so on. Capacity : from 1.9 t/h to 76 t/h flexible.


Double-drum dryer is developed on the basis of traditional single drum dryer, which is a kind of direct rotary dryer. In drying process of double-drum dryer, the materials to be dried directly contact with heat carrier, thus realizing better drying effect and making heat exchange more full. Meanwhile, double-drum dryer has reduced manpower allocation, which saves labor resource.

Double-drum dryer

Double-drum dryer is mainly used for drying particle materials such as slag, clay, coal, slag and other materials which won't take place chemical changes with hot air and fear high temperature and dust. The materials to be dried by the double-drum dryer are advisable to less than 30mm. The main difference of double-drum dryer and three-drum dryer is easy replacement of material lifting board. Temperature of gas entered dryer for heat exchange should not be higher than 750℃. If you have special requirements, our company can customize dryer machines for you.

three-drum dryer

Three-drum dryer is new type of highly efficient drying equipment developed after many years of improvement of single drum rotary dryer. Three-drum dryer has three-layer external cylinder, which can better utilize residual heat. Besides, the three-drum dryer has increased pre-drying time of wet materials before entering dryer machine and extended seal and drying time, which can improve efficiency by 50% to 80%. Three-drum dryer which is of advanced technology, reasonable operating parameter as well as simple and feasible operation can be widely applied to drying operation of slag, clay, coal, mineral powder and other materials in various industries. Three-drum dryer is highly efficient and energy-saving, which easily realizes automation control and is the updated product of traditional dryer machine.

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