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Sand Washer

Sand Washer

The sand washer is mainly used in washing the stone powder on the surface of the artificial sand.Capacity from 15t/h to 200t/h flexible.


Sand washer is mainly used in artificial sand making operation, which plays a main role in washing the stone powder on the surface of the artificial sand.

 Because artificial sand production mainly uses sand making machine to crush chunks of stones into small sand, hence, the small stone powder will stick to the sand in crushing process, which affects performance of sand. So, sand washer is produced to wash the small stone powder from the sand.

Sand Washing Machines

Working Principle of Stone Sand Washer

Sand washing machine manufactured by Chinese sand washer suppliers is commonly configured at the end of sand making production line. In working process, the sand is sent to sand washer through belt conveyor for washing; the bucket of sand washing equipment has water, the sand will be picked up and down to the conveyor on the other end under the rotation of wheel bucket, and then being conveyed to finished product heap by the conveyor, thus finishing sand washing operation.

Sand Washer

The sand cleaning machine produced by our company has high washing rate and less sewage discharge. The washed stone powder of our sand washer can completely meet the requirements of various construction projects

Specification Processing Capacity(t/h) Motor Power
2208 15-40 8p 4kw
2611 20-65 8p 5.5kw
2914 50-100 8p 7.5kw
3020 120-200 8p 11kw

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